What are clients are saying...

“Easy, efficient, and excellent results!”

— Erika

“Wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I've just taken on one of the largest opportunities of my career, and my Resume and LinkedIn was essential. I'm now the area vice president of business development for the entire Pacific Northwest.  I wanted to thank you again!”

— Executive Resume Client

“Great experience. Easy to work with and very responsive!”

— Andie Carter

“It was a great experience working with Douglas Timmerman. Service was fast and professional. I missed a lot in my resume, and now it defines me in a summarized way. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a crafted resume that delivers. Thank you!”

— Bree Casari, Manager

“Top shelf service and top quality format. Great experience!!!”

— Dustin

“Doug is an excellent leader with superior writing skills in today's technology. His network and ability to translate what your end goals are onto a top-notch resume, are above reproach. He does all this with extreme precision and attention to detail.”

— Scott Jackelen, Director of Operations

“I am in shock as to the work they did for me. For myself, I was able to provide them with much of the details. What was really surprising, they were able to translate what I did for the military in the past 10+ years and convert it all to what a civilian employer would want to see.”

One of the most important things I would like to mention was the resume they completed for my wife. I myself was stumped at doing a resume for her. So I turned to them. You would seriously be surprised that they can turn nothing into something. My wife has had no experience whatsoever. Now she looks like a superstar with the questions they asked of me about my wife and the type of resume they completed for her. To include the cover letter. We have yet to receive job offers, partly because our part. But I am confident that when the time comes to hand out my resume, The rewards will be admirable.”

— John

“A big thanks to Doug for being able to take 7 pages of data collected over the last 20 years and minimize it down to a quality resume of 2 very professionally written pages. The new resume was created quickly with quality and attention to detail while effectively highlighting my experience. I highly recommend.”

— Seth Earnhardt, Senior IT Consultant

“Great job. Professional. Put all my years of experience together for a resume and a bio that represented years of my life and probably fast-forwarded me career-wise. I couldn’t have done it. I don’t like writing resumes. It’s not my thing. I would recommend!!”

— Cathi

“I didn’t know an interviewer would ever compliment how well written and formatted a resume was until recently. Greatly efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Quick, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. Couldn't hope for anything better.”

— Jeroen Hum

“Doug did a great job with my resume and he was fast. I am excited about the finished product and would recommend him to other executives seeking to step up their resumes.”

— Christy Kane PhD, CMHC , Chief Executive Officer

“Doug did an amazing job writing my resume, cover letter, professional reference list and revamping my LinkedIn page.

I did a good amount of research prior to selecting Doug and discovered there are many resume writing services out there that are cheaper but do not produce a professional, clean, crisp resume as Doug with Century Resumes.

I looked at it as a career investment and a way to get noticed by more recruiters. Many times when you apply for a job, the recruiters are receiving 100's of resumes and if your resume doesn't look professional and have keywords, you have missed your opportunity to land that 1st interview.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Doug when it comes to writing your resume, cover letter, professional reference list and LinkedIn profile.

Please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you would like to discuss Doug's services and experience further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.”

— Rod Woods, Regional Enterprise Sales Manager

“Doug was great to work with and provided exceptional results in helping me organize my resume. I highly recommend Doug to those looking to make their best impression to others.”

— Kyle Wierenga, Vice President Global Information Technology & Analytics

“Doug really helped me take my resume and LinkedIn profile to the next level! Very professional, great advice, a pleasure to work with. Great investment.

— Heath Braverman, Area Vice President of Business Development

“Had a very good experience with Douglas, helped me a lot in making my resume and LinkedIn profile. I would recommend his services for everyone.”

— Mo Salama, Program Director

“He was very responsive and ridiculously efficient with fast turnaround times. It was a pleasure working with him. Doug has superior resume writing expertise and totally exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the way he was able to accurately describe in detail my skills.”

— Heather Cline, Safety | Nursing

“If you're looking for a local professional resume writer, I highly recommend Doug Timmerman. He's very professional and prompt and ensures that the final product highlights you and your personality.”

— Shannon Veatch, Regional Sales Representative

“I would totally recommend Century Resume to update your resume to current standards. The folks I worked with were always very helpful and were in contact with me the entire time during my resume update. I’ve already recommended them to several friends/family and look forward to doing business with them again in the future if the need is there.”

— Sean

“Doug built a first-class Resume for me! I tried to do it myself and failed. Frustrated, I went looking for help and found Century Resume. I emailed them and within an hour they responded and got the process moving quickly. All I had to do was email some bullet points of my work history and they took that information and turned it into something great. I would recommend Century Resume to everyone! Thanks again.”

— Randy

“Century Resume took a rough outline of my job history and made it into a resume that I can be proud of. Additionally, Doug was quick, efficient, and reasonable.”

— Debbie

“I was in a pinch and needed my resume done in a jiffy. Doug was quick to respond. He took care of all my needs, and everything couldn’t have turned out any better. Thank you.”

— Tom

“Absolutely wonderful experience! I had been thinking about having someone professional write my resume for a while now, especially after being laid off from my job and then getting called back, but was hesitant until I started looking locally and came across Century Resume LLC. Doug has been great the entire time in communicating and really making sure I’m happy with my resume and cover letter. The pricing is very reasonable and totally worth it and I’m definitely looking forward to having a great resume and cover letter to use now! I definitely recommend going to Century Resume to get your resume and cover letter written for you; it’s completely worth it!”

— Angelina

“FANTASTIC!! I would highly recommend Century Resumes to help you with your resume, whether you need a first one or have one that needs to be updated. Over the years I kept my resume up to date, but decided to have it done professionally. I was very pleased and impressed with the service, cost, turn around time, and the end product. When I put my new resume beside my old resume I was really surprised how outdated it was. It was like night and day. Thank you Century Resume.”

— Kitty

“Great service. I got a new promotion with this resume a month ago. I am English second language so sometimes I have a hard time to find an accurate word to describe my work tasks. Century Resume spent a lot of time going over my work experiences. They respond quickly and change my request quickly. I like their quality of the work and the format they recommended. My resume is definitely worth the price.”

— Jia

“Wanted to give you an update. Today I was offered a position of teaching education and masters of education program coordinator at the local university. It has always been the ultimate goal to work at the university but not only working in the university, I get to help students become teachers and earn their masters as well. I am able to use the degree I worked so hard for and to apply to my career. I can’t wait to start. Thanks for all you did with my resume and cover letter. I know that was a big help as I had 3 interviews this past week in the education field. I have received so many compliments from interviewees about my resume and cover letter. You really made my professional goal happen. I truly appreciate it.”

— Brian

“Are you applying for job after job and not getting calls back, no emails or even a bite, but yet you know you have a ton of qualifications and experience to offer?? It could be your resume! It is so hard to keep up in the applying and getting ahead industry today, to know what employers are looking for and to stand out among all the other applicants.


This was me until I found Doug. I was at my rock bottom of applying for jobs and just didn’t know what else to do as I had tried everything to even land an interview. I am so blessed that I took the chance on Doug.


He completely revamped my resume and gave it a new look that I never even thought of doing. He was amazing at articulating my experience that I feel really represents me clearly at a high level but not too extreme to where it was not matching what I had to give. He was so down to earth, easy to talk too and work with.


I highly recommend him and his services to anyone, you will be pleased with the outcome. I have full faith that my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile will absolutely pave the path to get me where I want to go!! Thank you Doug for all that you have done for me, words cannot express how grateful I am.”

— McKenzie Davis, Change Management Specialist
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