C-level Executive Resume Package + LinkedIn

C-level Executive Resume Package + LinkedIn


Your order includes:

• Career-Winning, Keyword-Based Executive Resume

• Resume & Job Description Keyword Comparison

• Unique Executive Resume Format

• Executive Cover Letter

• Executive Bio

• Advanced Thank-you Letter

• References List

• Two Phone Consultations

• LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

• LinkedIn & Job Description Keyword Comparison

• Social Media Profile Cleanup & Privacy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

• Google Search of Personal Records + Recommendation for Privacy/Changes

• Lifetime Storage of Documents

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You're here because you need a handcrafted resume aligned to your unique experience and career goals. Century Resume specializes in executive resume packages that bring results! We've created resumes for hundreds of industries and job titles such as global accounts manager, director, chief technologist, CEO, section manager, account executive, marketing portfolio manager, chief executive officer, and all C-suite executives (just to name a few).

Executives are sophisticated leaders and need a resume portfolio to match. We speak the language of executives and know how to write a resume with impact, making you stand out in a competitive market.

My background includes 10 years of corporate experience so I understand what it takes to help you get ahead by offering a high-quality resume presentation. I've used these same corporate skills and writing capabilities to build a successful online business. I know from experience that the sky is the limit and your resume will reflect that mindset as well.

I value a higher writing standard and exceptional creativity in handcrafting resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that get you more job offers. I take your experience to a deeper level using a proven formula that has worked for hundreds of clients. 

I value stronger writing, keywords, and results-based resumes that get you to the next level. I know how to take a large amount of information and make it more concise and presentable on your resume to highlight your most important skills and accomplishments.

In 2017, LinkedIn is becoming the key component for finding and converting on new career opportunities. We are in an increasingly unpredictable workforce marketplace that has to deal with technology, globalization, and the Internet, among other forces. Indeed, going forward it is more likely that your next job will be a result of your LinkedIn Profile than your resume.

Did you know that millions of jobs never get advertised? Did you know that 75% of hiring managers turn to LinkedIn to conduct research on candidates? LinkedIn is now an increasingly valuable resource for job seekers and employers alike. Employers tell us instead of placing job ads like they used to, they are simply (at no cost to the employer) searching for candidates via LinkedIn.

Do you still use the Yellow Pages book or do you simply do Google searches? Hiring managers are now bypassing the thousands of unqualified candidates from job ads and simply searching LinkedIn to find top quality candidates – finding exact matches for their open positions. A well-constructed, customized and keyword-rich LinkedIn Profile links you to those 75% of hiring managers that use LinkedIn.

Are you on LinkedIn yet? Is your LinkedIn Profile as good/better than your resume? I’m here to help get your LinkedIn looking fantastic!