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Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile will demand attention, stand out from other applicants, and get you interviews by:


  • Highlighting your valuable skills and accomplishments

  • Summarizing your value in an eye-catching, precisely-worded format

  • Telling your unique story and benefit to your potential employer


When you work with Century Resume, you receive personalized service, writing excellence, executive formatting, ATS optimization, fast turnaround, and a solid career investment.

Here’s how we create your resume portfolio to get you hired:

Career Inventory

After your purchase, we will send you a career questionnaire to gather information about your experience, education, and accomplishments. You can also send us your current resume and the job description that you are considering applying for.

Branding + Strategy Session

We will do a full career inventory, discuss your next career move, and answer all of your questions. We will write a personalized forward-looking resume draft that is unique to you and highlights your significant experience and career history.


Career-Winning Resume

The first visual impression is KEY – your document needs to look good and be balanced. When someone reads your resume, it should offer powerful information that highlights your most important accomplishments and gets you an interview.


We don't take any risks when it comes to the most important document of your career. We collect information from your current resume or information gathering form, your personal input, and our own research and experience.


Your resume documents will be handcrafted and unique to your specific job industry – no mass-market generic text or resume templates.

You will receive your ATS-tested resume draft three business days after our strategy call. Your resume is keyword optimized and personalized to dramatically increase your chances of receiving an interview.

The packages include:


  • 3 rounds of revisions (Professional)

  • 5 rounds of revisions (Executive)

  • 1-2 PAGES (Depends on the package selected)

  • Final documents will be delivered in Word and PDF

Your resume is created for you with the quality care that it takes to get the job NOW! You can use your completed resume for years to come with little maintenance.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is a critical component of your job search arsenal and a necessary companion to your resume. A good cover letter complements your resume (forceful, yet flexible) and encourages the reader to review everything you present—propelling you above your competition! 

Introduce yourself and go beyond bullet points to showcase your valuable benefits to your potential employer. Customizable for different opportunities.



LinkedIn Optimization Overhaul

Your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume! We are in a digital world and having a LinkedIn profile that aligns with your physical resume is the key to success.


Your LinkedIn profile can be used to connect with hiring managers or associates in your industry, and you can even apply for jobs directly on LinkedIn by allowing the hiring manager to view your LinkedIn Profile.

We create an all-start profile to align with your resume, using industry keywords that are sure to get you noticed by hiring managers and recruiters as they search for the perfect candidate. Century Resume will send you a fully completed LinkedIn profile document with easy upload instructions.



Supporting Documents

​Be ready for any opportunity with a reference document, follow-up letter/email and thank you letter/email.



Get a High-Paying Career

Use your executive resume portfolio to get interviews, get your dream job and create financial independence.

Century Resume - Job Interview

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I looked at it as a career investment and a way to get noticed by more recruiters. Many times when you apply for a job, the recruiters are receiving 100's of resumes and if your resume doesn't look professional and have keywords, you have missed your opportunity to land that 1st interview.​


Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Doug when it comes to writing your resume, cover letter, professional reference list and LinkedIn profile.”

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