Why should you Hire a resume writer?

It's important to have someone with experience in resume writing work on your resume for you. They offer a level of objectivity that is required to emphasize your strengths, downplay weaknesses, and position you for success. They know how to correctly target your career and industry and they understand what hiring managers are looking for. The job market is more competitive now with electronic job postings. With so many candidates chasing the same opportunity, a professionally written resume helps you stand out and gain an edge against the competition.

Does my resume impact my salary?

Your resume can greatly influence your salary as well as the number of interviews and quality offers you receive. Your resume is the first step of the hiring manager determining your professional value. Your resume is one of the most important financial documents you can invest in to maximize salary options for your career.


Why Choose Century Resume?

Century Resume is a trusted provider of professionally written resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I offer high-quality resumes in a TIMELY manner - providing clients with a resume package that provides IMMEDIATE results. My clients are successful because their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are keyword oriented to match the type of career they are pursuing. No one offers such superior quality and fast turnaround time.


What is your turnaround time?

After I collect all the necessary information from you and receive payment, I will get the first resume draft completed within 5-7 business days. Once you approve the resume, I will start working on your LinkedIn profile immediately (if ordered) and have it completed with 7 business days.


How do you format the resume docs?

All resumes are handcrafted for each client. You don't want a resume that is difficult to read. The key is to let your experience do the talking without having a distracting format. If you have any concerns about the resume format, I will show you a wide array of resume options, and you can choose how you want your resume to look. Otherwise, I will choose the format that will work best based on your specific information. *Due to the significant time investment of each resume, I can't change the format after the resume is created.


What is your writing process?

Each resume is handcrafted to align your experience, skills, and ability with your FUTURE career goals. The first visual impression is KEY – your document needs to look good and be balanced. When someone reads your resume, it should offer powerful information that highlights your most important accomplishments and gets you an interview.  I don't take any risks when it comes to the most important document of your career. I collect information from your current resume or information gathering form, your personal input, and my own research and experience.

Your resume documents will be handcrafted and unique to your specific job industry – no mass-market generic text or resumes templates. Your resume is created for you with the quality care that it takes to get the job NOW! 


How does your service work?

1. Purchase Service: Please choose the appropriate service and make your purchase. I'll then contact you via email within 24 hours on the next steps.

2. Info Gathering: I will gather all the necessary information from you via email such as your existing resume, cover letter, and job description for your future career.

3. Strategy Call: This optional strategy call allows me to dig into your experience and understand your background in more detail.

4. Resume Creation: I'll write a personalized resume based on your unique career experience and deliver the docs to you for review within 5-7 business days on average. All resumes are written specifically for each client, no mass templates or shortcuts are made when it comes to your most important marketing documents. Just sit back, relax; I'll handle format, wording, writing style, punctuation, grammar, spacing, and consistency.

5. Updates: Once the first draft is delivered, you'll have the opportunity to request two rounds of edits by emailing me any requested changes for no additional charge. Each revision may take between 24-48 hours. The final documents will be delivered to you in Word format (and PDF format, if requested). I provide a 30-day period to request changes at no additional charge (does not include new information such as a new phone number, email, or new job).

6. LinkedIn Overhaul: If you ordered a LinkedIn profile, I will request your login information and do a complete LinkedIn overhaul using industry keywords and high-level strategies to get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers who review your profile. After your resume is finalized, the LinkedIn overhaul will be completed within 7 business days.

7. Start applying: It's time to use your new resume and LinkedIn and start applying for the career of your dreams!


Do you specialize in my field?

I specialize in resume writing. I have written resumes for hundreds of professionals in all types of industries. CEO's, C-level executives, directors, managers, nurses, IT, police officers, consultants, administrators, project managers, and much more. I have written for almost every single industry, crafting resumes that are high-quality and emphasize your unique skills and accomplishments — utilizing an attention-getting professional resume that will get the hiring managers attention.


What type of guarantee do you provide? Do you offer refunds?

If you are unable to secure a job interview within 30 days following the completion of your new resume and you believe the quality of your resume is the reason, your resume will be re-written free of charge. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to submit in writing via email why you think your resume is inadequate for purposes of securing interviews. Your resume will then be rewritten for you after the 30 day time period.

I offer keyword optimized documents, fast turnaround, quick response to all emails, and top quality resume documents. I'm confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with your resume which is modern and customized for you to reach your career goals. Your resume portfolio will be strategically designed to grab and employer's attention and get you an interview!

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We  also provide a 30-day period to request three rounds of revisions at no additional charge. This doesn't include future updates like a new phone number, email, new jobs if that information wasn't available at the time the resume was written (we can't add your new job to your resume). It's incredibly important that you are satisfied with the resume documents.

Due to the significant time investment of each resume and the digital nature of the documents, no refunds will be offered after we start writing the resume documents, but I will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with the resume documents.


What is your price structure?

I offer a high-quality resume packages. The price varies with your experience level and the length of your resume. I'll quote you a final price before I start working on your resume portfolio. A resume portfolio is one of the most important investments you can make! Properly marketing yourself to your future employer by promoting your accomplishments significantly increases your chance of getting hired! You owe it to yourself to get the best resume writer possible when it comes to securing your future and earning an income you can be proud of.

Many websites offer resume writing for $80 to $180. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and if you don't have a return on investment from your resume; your money will be wasted. It takes 4 to 7+ hours to produce a world-class professional resume, depending on your career level, length of work history, and amount of responsibility. Does the total price based on these hours reflect an assembly line approach? Or does the rate reflect the services of a small successful business owner with years' experience writing resumes? Investing just a little bit more in a quality provider could mean the difference in your career.


Do you receive a discount if you order more than one resume?

Yes, if you are applying for various jobs and multiple industries and need more than one resume, a discount will apply.


What Type of payment do you accept? How do I order?

You can pay directly on the website. If you wish to add on a service after your order has been placed, I will email you an invoice through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay via credit card using the link in the email. You can order directly on the "services" tab of my website or I can email you a PayPal invoice.


Do you meet with clients in person?

Due to the extensive time investment of each resume portfolio, I do not meet with clients in person. The business is growing and I need to dedicate as much time as possible to writing great resume documents. There is an option to set up a phone consultation after your order is placed.


Informational webinar

Would you like to learn more about the resume process and why I'm the best fit to work with you? If so, check out this informational webinar to see if I am the right fit for your needs. With over 12,000 views and hundreds of happy clients and success stories, I have a feeling I can help you!