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My clients are incredibly talented, and they understand that getting a high-paying job required finesse to get to advance your career.


Become the #1 hiring choice by working with me and my team.


Gain a competitive edge and a higher success rate in landing interviews and offers.


Each resume is given quality attention and created specifically for each client.

Doug Timmerman - Owner, Century Resume

Do you find yourself staring at your existing resume, feeling discouraged with the presentation of your experience?

Are you stressed out over the thought of updating your resume yourself?

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Are you stressed out over the thought of updating your resume yourself?

You've earned the experience on your resume, but doing the hard work and creating a marketing document to present that work is quite different.


Many people make the mistake of trying to do it all themselves, and it costs them thousands in potential income, added stress, and wasted time.

It takes a certain expertise to superbly market your experience in a written format so you can continue your successful journey. 

Your story is only as good as we tell it.


We create resumes that bring life-changing results to executives.

An executive resume can make you 38% more likely to be contact by recruiters, 31% more likely to land an interview, and 40% more likely to land a new career.

The best part is that a resume package is truly an investment in your future. You can use your completed resume for years to come with little maintenance.

Get your dream job and create financial independence.
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An Investment in your Future

Stand out from the competition by…

  • Providing strong brand equity & increased visibility

  • Communicating value to employers, hiring managers, and recruiters

  • Leveraging professional distinction to stand out among top leaders

  • Accelerating job growth, land promotions, and advance your career


I looked at it as a career investment and a way to get noticed by more recruiters. Many times when you apply for a job, the recruiters are receiving 100's of resumes and if your resume doesn't look professional and have keywords, you have missed your opportunity to land that 1st interview.”

Rod WoodsRegional Enterprise Sales Manager

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